Our Process

We like to guide our clients through the entire process. From picking a lot, to designing plans, to building the actual home, we are here to help and educate you.

No two projects are alike, but there is a basic breakdown of how the process commences. We help our clients through each of the following steps to ensure their homebuilding or renovation process is an enjoyable one:

Picking a lot & drawing up plans

Picking a lot can be one of the most important aspects of your project. It’s vital to know what to look for when purchasing a lot, especially on the Crystal Coast. You want your lot to match your vision, while still making sure it is a suitable place to build your home.

Some people have their plans drawn up before they look for a lot, and others wait until after. While plans are a very important step, preferably you would have a clear concept of what your home will be like and design that home after finding a suitable lot. We work with highly talented and qualified architects that specialize in taking a vision and creating a plan for a fresh and unique build.


We bring honesty to every estimate we prepare. We believe in providing a detail-oriented estimate for every custom home. We don’t believe in underestimating a project to ‘wow’ a client with a budget that doesn’t reflect the vision of their home. It is very important that your estimate reflect the level of finish you desire so as to minimize additional cost during the build. Transparency from the start is vital in establishing a true partnership from beginning to end.

There are three things we consider when you are ready to build: your wants, your needs, and your budget. We put “pen to paper” to compose a detail-oriented estimate that matches your needs. This estimate will include the cost of quality materials and labor that won’t fluctuate dramatically down the road once construction begins. Bruce Rogers, manager and founder of Crystal Coast Construction, has been building homes for a long enough time to know that the more accurate your plan is, the better the finished product will be.

The Build

Every home we build is a combination of the highest level of construction and affordability. Some builders can lose sight of the budget during the build. That’s because their estimate wasn’t as transparent and detailed as it should have been. We don’t run into common build issues because we thoughtfully plan the project to be on time and within budget.

Moving in & fixes

We stay committed to our clients even after the build is completed. We recommend that after you move in, you spend a month evaluating your new home. We try to account for everything during a build, but sometimes things come up. Should you find any issues, we will come back and make things right.

We are here to help you every step of the way and will answer any questions you have whenever you have them. We are committed to helping you get your dream home within your budget, and turning your vision into reality.