A bright and spacious living room decorated with white furniture and pastel blue accents.

6 Luxury Home Renovation Ideas to Consider

We all dream of a home that feels luxurious and comfortable, complimenting our taste and lifestyle. Now, more than ever, we’re spending valuable time within our homes– caring for our family, entertaining friends or finding an escape from the complexities of the world around us.

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Vacation Home Testimonial

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value CCC designed and built our dream beach home. The references I received prior to choosing CCC were not wrong. They build a quality custom home, they are responsive and very honest. This experience was way better than the first home we built with a different builder in VA. CCC tries to include ALL costs upfront so you don’t have overages or try to up sell you after the project has begun. Also included in our package was time with an interior decorator, we really needed this and was a huge help. The amount of communication from the CCC team during the build was phenomenal. After our house was complete, CCC wasted no time getting on the punch list. You are going to have punch list items no matter who builds your home but most builders are not responsive in addressing them. I would recommend CCC to anyone who’s thinking about building a house in this area. If we ever build a second home in the area we will be using CCC.

- Travis Bowers

Luxury Home Testimonial

Builder of the highest quality and detail. Tremendous personal attention to all the facets of home building and other construction projects. Unfazed by changes or the irregularities that accompany all builds. His contractors have all been highly competent .

- David & Linda Taylor

Waterfront Testimonial

Crystal Coast Construction built two houses for me. One was a rental investment and the other a second home. Both were located at the beach. Building both homes with Crystal Coast Construction was a very positive experience for both me and my husband. Bruce Rogers who is the owner was professional, trustworthy, dependable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. When a problem arose, which is a normal and expected event when building a home, Bruce always had several solutions for it when he called to discuss the problem. If you had a question or a concern, you could call him and if he did not immediately answer the phone, he would return your phone call in a very timely manner. When he submitted a proposal to us, a budget was presented as well. During the building process, we received an update to the budget every month, detailing what had been spent so we were aware of where we were within our budget. I cannot recommend this company enough for anyone building a home.

- Mark & Denise Russell

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a luxury home?

The definition of a luxury home varies by area, but it usually indicates a home priced within the top 10% of the real estate market. Luxury homes can list at anywhere upward of a million dollars and have unique features and high-quality materials that distinguish them from their neighbors.

What are the most popular luxury home features?

Each of our luxury homes is custom built to fit the lifestyle and wants of the owner. Some of the commonly requested features include walk-in closets, smart home integration, temperature-controlled wine storage, indoor and outdoor pools, and home gyms.

What is “aging in place”?

Aging in place means staying in your home as you grow older, even through health-related issues or loss of mobility. It means designing or renovating your home to suit your needs through retirement and as you and your loved ones grow older.

What renovations are best for retirement homes?

It depends entirely on your concerns and current health, but the most common upgrades we provide have to do with lighting, mobility, and balance. A home renovation that allows you to age in place should have abundant natural and installed lighting, wide doorways and flat surfaces that allow mobility aids, and grab bars, large knobs and door handles, and anti-slip flooring.

Can I rent out my vacation home?

In many cases, you can rent out your vacation home for an extra income stream. You’ll want to check local bylaws and your mortgage agreement for details. It can also be helpful to consult a tax professional for information on how to collect rental income.

What are the most popular vacation home features?

We can custom build your vacation home to suit your taste and desires! Some of the most common requests for vacation homes are swimming pools, beach cabanas or outdoor showers, large windows for enjoying the view, covered decks, and outdoor kitchens.

What is design build?

The design build process combines all phases of home building into one project. It covers land selection, blueprint design, construction, interior decorating, and finishing touches. Design build gives you ultimate control over your custom home build.

What are the advantages of design build?

The design build process can save you time and money. Working entirely with our team means you never have to wait for the architect or contractor to get back to you; we handle everything, including the estimate, to bring you peace of mind.

What sort of renovations do you handle?

We cover almost every kind of renovation imaginable, including full home remodels, partial renovations, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, outdoor renovations, and additions. Call us to discuss your project needs.

How long will my renovation take?

The timeline for your renovation depends on a number of factors, including complexity and budget. In our estimate process, we give you the most accurate information we can on how long we expect your renovation to take.

What are the most popular home renovations?

Renovations are a personal project, and every homeowner has different priorities. That said, the most common home renovations we’ve seen over the years are roof replacements, kitchen and bathroom renos, and aging in place renovations.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The final cost depends on whether your remodel includes structural changes, new fixtures, and/or plumbing upgrades. We always provide a line estimate that includes complete information on all expected costs.

Where should I spend my money on a kitchen renovation?

The most important thing is to ask yourself what you use most in your kitchen and where your current kitchen falls short. Many of our clients request environmentally efficient appliances, custom counters and backsplash, and smart appliance integration.

How long will a kitchen remodel take?

We plan your remodel carefully to minimize the time you’ll be without a kitchen. Create a mini-kitchen with a microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, and hotplate to tide you over while your kitchen is under construction.

Should I buy a lot before I talk to a home builder?

In general, you should always talk to a home builder or architect before you purchase land. The terrain, elevation, and size of your lot will dictate what kind of home works best on the property. Buying a lot first could limit the type of home you can ultimately build.

Do you build “green” or energy efficient homes?

Yes! We are a green-certified custom builder, and we incorporate environmentally friendly building principles into our projects without increasing cost. Our knowledge of the coastal weather conditions and experience building on the coast allow us to construct new homes that can withstand the environmental conditions of living in the area.

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