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Sustainable Architecture and
Green Building Practices

One of the most frequently asked questions at Crystal Coast Construction is if we build “green” or energy-efficient homes.

Our team of expert designers and builders incorporate their knowledge of coastal weather conditions and building experiences to construct new custom-built homes that can withstand the local environmental conditions found around the waterfront.

Crystal Coast Construction uses sophisticated, sustainable architecture practices to design environmentally sound homes and buildings and we’re incredibly proud to be designated as a Green-Certified custom home builder in the state of North Carolina.


Most people assume that the term “green-build” refers to home-build or renovation projects that are completed by using environmentally friendly building materials and waste disposal. Though that’s not entirely untrue, green-built homes have been specifically designed with the use of sustainable architecture practices in order to create structures that utilize the natural landscape and local renewable energy sources for optimal green efficiency. Crystal Coast’s team of builders and designers can walk you through choosing the most eco-friendly building materials to ensure your new home is built for a greener, more sustainable now. We’ve included some core concepts of sustainable architecture practices to consider before starting your new home build projects.


Considering the sun’s orientation and local climate are important elements of Passive Designing. By utilizing large window panels and skylights that have been thoughtfully placed around the structure, designers are able to harvest the light and naturally derived air ventilation while still emulating those luxury home vibes. Thermal insulation techniques can be used to harness the sun’s heat during colder temperatures, and properly insulated thick walls help keep the house cooler by preventing leaks and seepages ultimately cutting down on energy usage overall.


Landscaping can also be used as part of a passive design strategy. Choosing how to manage and utilize the landscape found at the build location can make a big impact on water consumption and energy use. Architects and designers can reduce energy usage by working with trees, plants, and grasses that are native to the area, also reducing the need for additional irrigation procedures. Additionally, by planting or using surrounding trees to shade the roof and windows during the hottest time of the day, landscaping can contribute to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without having to touch the thermostat.


Designers and builders collaborate and consult with on-site electricians and plumbers to incorporate highly efficient electrical, plumbing, and other home amenity systems that have been specifically designed to have economically and environmentally small footprints.


Crystal Coast Construction understands that it’s important to stick to a set budget when it comes to custom-design home build projects. However, while cost is always a top consideration for our team of expert builders, it’s important to also keep in mind that spending more up-front on sustainable strategies can result in a much larger payoff in the near future. Sustainable architecture and design practices can provide large savings over time, while also positively impacting local air quality, environmental well-being, and a greener, more regenerative future.

Crystal Coast Construction is North Carolina’s leading custom-home builders and our team can’t wait to bring your dream “green” home to life. Contact us today for your free consultation (certain conditions apply), or give us a call at 252.424.8941 for more information.

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