6 Luxury Home Renovation Ideas to Consider

A bright and spacious living room decorated with white furniture and pastel blue accents.

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We all dream of a home that feels luxurious and comfortable, complimenting our taste and lifestyle. Now, more than ever, we’re spending valuable time within our homes– caring for our family, entertaining friends or finding an escape from the complexities of the world around us.

Whether you’re looking for one small job or a series of renovations, working with a luxury home builder can help you encompass your home with high-quality materials, intuitive devices and idyllic features, turning your house into the home of your dreams.

Here are six luxury home renovations to consider this year.

Create Your Dream Kitchen

Bringing a new vision to your kitchen is often the first renovation project undertaken by homeowners. Not only does a reimagining of the home’s central living space introduce a broader functionality, modern style and added openness for entertaining, it also increases property value.

Luxury kitchen renovations come in all shapes and sizes, from custom cabinetry to smart appliance technology. For a more luxurious aesthetic, many homeowners install cabinets with inbuilt LED lighting or backsplash lighting for a dynamic visual appearance. Temperature controlled wine cabinets, hidden appliances and soft-close drawers are all chic features to consider within the space.

We work with homeowners to design and build their dream indoor kitchen, including features such as walk-in pantries, task and overhead lighting, spacious entertaining areas, custom countertops and efficient, smart appliance technology.

Brighten Up with Grand Windows

One of the most noticeable changes you can apply to a luxury home renovation project is the addition of larger windows throughout your home. An abundance of natural light not only enhances your comfort and your views, it is also greatly more energy efficient. Modern, high-quality windows drastically reduce heating and cooling costs, provide superior weather-proofing and minimize maintenance, in comparison to standard windows. While higher end window installations do come at a greater price, the result of lower energy costs should be a consideration for any luxury renovation.

Smart Home Integration

With smart home technology becoming a commonplace feature in today’s modern living environments, many new houses are coming equipped with systems such as Nest, Ring or Google Home.

The desire for home automation and technological convenience has also become a worthy investment in luxury home renovation projects, introducing the ability to control your blinds, interior climate, appliances and security systems with a simple voice command.

These smart home technologies not only add an additional degree of security and convenience to the home, they also reduce the amount of energy consumed in place of more traditional systems. Smart light bulbs, appliances and even thermostats are programmed through much more energy-efficient systems, and with intuitive scheduling and automation, they operate only when needed.

Smart home integration is a popular request, both in our clients custom luxury home builds and renovation projects.

Step Up Your Landscaping

Exceptional outdoor living is an added bonus of residing on the Crystal Coast, as such, enhancing the beautification and functionality of your outdoor space with luxurious fixtures is a popular avenue for the further renovation of your home.

For homeowners that enjoy entertaining in the warmer months of the year, installing an outdoor kitchen or dining space can be worthy additions to a luxury renovation. Even a modest patio fixture designed for year-round use can add value to your property.

Our outdoor renovations remain a popular choice for clients, bringing their dream outdoor space to reality, from covered patios and outdoor bars, to scenic landscaping projects and elegant water features that compliment any style or taste.

Refinish Your Flooring

One of the most overlooked details that contributes to the overall aesthetic of a home is the flooring. Replacing worn-out carpeting or refinishing an existing hardwood floor can be the difference between a casual domicile and a high-end luxury living space.

There are many variables to consider before scheduling a floor remodel. The overall style, functionality and long-term investment of a material should all be evaluated first. Thankfully, our team has the professional know-how to guide you through the renovation process and provide you with a luxury floor that compliments your lifestyle and interior design choices.

Build a Home Addition

Lastly, designing and building a custom house addition can be a great way of improving the functionality and character of your home. Depending on your allotted space, budget and living needs, an addition can take the form of an added bedroom, an open-concept library, office, wine cellar or even a decorative sunroom.

Home additions are a popular trend for homeowners looking to expand on their luxury home vision while also increasing the overall property value of their real estate investment.

We specialize in the finest luxury home renovations in North Carolina. Speak with us today to discuss your home renovation, remodel, or addition.

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