5 Home Building Trends To Consider In 2023

A beautiful home office, illuminated by bright windows.

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With the new year on the horizon, we know first hand that planning a home build is at the forefront of people’s minds this time of year.

As the season winds down and we gather for calm months of reflection and looking ahead, our team would like to share an insight into home building trends you should consider for your home build in 2023.

Opt For A Closed Floor Plan

If you and your family enjoy spending time at home, enjoying personal hobbies such as reading, crafting, gaming or just seeking some downtime, opting for a closed floor plan may be the perfect alternative to past open floor plan trends.

A tailored closed floor plan allows multiple family members to find solace and private space within the home, while engaging in different activities simultaneously. It also allows an opportunity to design shared family spaces like a media room or games room for those moments of enjoyment together.

Our design-build team are experts at creating the perfect closed floor plan that maximizes your space and takes your family’s unique needs into account, right down to the finest details.

Include A Home Office

With more people working from home, a home office is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must-have” in any new home build.

Adding a state-of-the-art office to your future home will increase both efficiency and comfort in your day-to-day routine, while adding resale appeal if you decide to sell your home at a later time.

Our design-build team are experts at helping you create the perfect office oasis that is up-to-date with the latest design and functionality trends.

Integrate Smart Home Technology

Accessible smart technology is becoming more commonplace in our daily lives, making for an important consideration when building your dream house in 2023. A popular trend we’re seeing is having all your smart home systems queued together, allowing you to control everything from a computer or smartphone.

Nest, Ring and Google Home systems are some of the most common devices paired with a universal smart hub, granting you the ability to control your blinds, interior climate, appliances and security systems with a simple voice command.

Smart home technologies not only add convenience to the home, they also require less energy to operate in place of more traditional systems.

Plan For An Electric Charging Station

With the rise of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles on the roads today, adding EV charging infrastructure to your home build is an important consideration to make for a home build in 2023.

Whether you own a hybrid or EV already, or looking to purchase one in the future, knowing you have the ability to recharge your vehicle from home is a great investment for your home. Plus, our luxury home building experts are happy to meet your needs, recommending the proper procedures for charging station integration during our design-build process.

Don’t Forget Your Landscaping

Landscaping trends are an important consideration when building your dream luxury home in 2023. Gardening trends suggest that people are spending a significant amount of time planning and adding a garden that combines both traditional landscaping with edible flowers as well as flowers that attract pollinators.

Another important consideration is what irrigation system you’ll use. Gone are the days of moving a sprinkler around the yard. An irrigation system is something future luxury home buyers will expect to see included in any home they plan to purchase.

Don’t wait to build the luxury home of your dreams. Our experienced team of designers and home builders are ready to guide you through the process, from finding you the perfect property to tailoring every detail of your home.

Learn more, and book a consultation with our design-build team today!

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