Design-Build 101: Everything you need to know about Design-Build

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What is Design-Build?

Design-build isn’t anything new, but its process has been growing increasingly more popular due to its effectiveness and efficiency in both the architecture and home-builder industries. Traditional processes are known to deal with ineffective communication and increased project costs due to too many conflicting opinions and misunderstandings. Our Design-build projects are simplified, streamlined, and fine-tuned to perfection. Our team of industry experts collaborate and work together to build you the luxury home of your dreams.

Instead of trying to coordinate contractors, architects, and designers, our design-build project manager will be the only contact you’ll need. They will handle all communications with the design-build team, and coordinate everything from lot selection, blueprints, scheduling, estimates, and more. By ensuring a smooth process from start to finish, our design-build experts will deliver clients incredible results, on-time and within budget. To all of us at Crystal Coast Construction, that’s always our top priority!

The Benefits of Design-Build

Some people might be on the fence about choosing the design-build process for their home renovation projects, so we’ve outlined some of the key benefits of going the design-build route. Beyond the benefits listed below, it’s important to note that our team of professionals is always striving to provide the most cutting-edge technologies and design solutions for all of our clients and that when you work with Crystal Coast, you can expect exceptional results that will grow with you and last for many years to come.

Swift Project Delivery

Crystal Coast’s Design-build team has a sleek and innovative process that delivers our clients beautiful results in record time. Our clients can expect their custom home or home remodeling projects delivered perfectly on schedule and with ease. Due to our streamlined design-build process and the collaborative efforts of our innovative teams, we’re able to deliver completed projects in a timely manner.

Synergic Process

By having an appointed design-build project manager to communicate with all of our industry channels, and by having our experts work together, Crystal Coast Construction has unlocked a new level of effectiveness and efficiency. Teamwork, collaboration, and innovative ideas combine to bring our shared vision to life and give us the ability to create truly stunning homes to be enjoyed for generations to come. Say goodbye to the blame game between designers and contractors. Our unbreakable team is here to get the job done right.

Proactive Solutions & More Value

When it comes to Design-build, the sky’s the limit! United by passion, our team will brainstorm design ideas and overcome obstacles with innovative solutions- all made possible by effective communication and efficient teamwork.

As new ideas are brought to light, the team will work together as one entity to analyze the situation and provide our clients with transparent solutions. Homeowners can be assured they are getting only the highest-quality materials, locations, designs, and more. Our cutting-edge processes make it possible for homeowners to make better, more informed decisions and receive increased value for their investments.

Efficient Problem Solving & Communication

By creating a team-orientated atmosphere and approach, we promote high levels of communication and transparency, both within our team and with our clients. This approach is what allows us to deliver successfully completed projects on time, and on budget. Our open-communication method allows homeowners to share their vision with the team, aligning our creative design team with our highly skilled professional build team. Our effective collaborative process simplifies and evaluates the project’s goals, tracks the schedules, and analyzes possible opportunities as the project matures and progresses.

If you envision it, Design-build will facilitate it! With one contact to rule them all, our signature streamlined process keeps the team on track with even the most complex projects. Book your free consultation (certain conditions apply) today to learn about how we can make our design-build process work for you

Cost Savings

Industry leaders have proven that Design-build projects save homeowners money when compared to traditional build methods. The rapid project delivery process is proven to be more cost-effective due to having fewer change orders and unforeseen costs and schedule delays.

Design-builds’ highly organized and structured process ensures jobs get completed to the highest standards of quality, as well as within the agreed-upon budget- even with creative additions and new technologies used to complete the project. Homeowners can enjoy their dream homes without breaking the bank or sacrificing amenities and quality. Talk about a dream home come true!

To learn more about our Design-Build process, contact our helpful experts today and discover the possibilities of what Crystal Coast can do for you. We can’t wait to bring your homeowner’s dreams to life.

Contact us by calling 252-424-8941 and let us get to work for you!

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