5 Luxury Home Building Trends in 2022

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A complete Guide To ALL THE LUXURY HOME TRENDS IN 2022

Discover what luxury trends home builders are incorporating into their custom homes this year. We have all realized the importance of having a unique and mindful home in the past several years. From incorporating the natural environment into the built world, to introducing smart technology into our daily lives, here are five of the top trends to consider in your custom home build this year.

Finding inspiration through “Biophilic design”

It should come as no surprise that we gravitate towards the natural world for inspiration, rejuvenation and escapism. These innate desires can often be difficult to fulfill in a built environment, leading increasingly to Biophilic design trends in 2022. The principle of Biophilic design is to introduce elements from the natural world in our homes, from abundant natural light through statement glass windows, natural materials such as wood, stone and earthy color tones, and the incorporation of vegetation within the home. These naturally-inspired design features not only add an element of unique creativity to a custom home design but provide us with a dwelling that has proven to be healthier to inhabit.

Building with sustainable materials

Sustainability has increasingly been an important focus in our day-to-day lives and an important consideration for homeowners when thinking about their custom home build. Thankfully, constructing a sustainable luxury home is easily achievable. Utilizing materials such as reclaimed wood for high ceiling beams and repurposed stone for countertops and kitchen island not only create a luxurious and comfortable aesthetic, but promote sustainable practices. Further considerations, including large window panels and thoughtfully positioned skylights harness the sun’s energy to warm a home and provide ample lighting, cutting down on energy consumption.

At Crystal Coast Construction, we’re proud to be a Green-Certified custom home builder, expertly utilizing sustainable architecture practices to create your dream home.

Incorporating and designing mindful spaces

With many of us spending more time at home over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift towards a need for spaces dedicated to health and wellness within the home. Wellness architecture, consisting of high ceilings, minimal wall compositions and abundant natural light provide a meditative atmosphere for a yoga, massage or tea room. Further additions, like steam showers or personal saunas further promote a mindful balance within the home, improving your everyday lifestyle.

Introducing intuitive smart home technology

Smart home technology has become increasingly common in our homes with electronic aids like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, providing convenient solutions in our day-to-day routines. Many custom homes in 2022 are being designed to incorporate these intuitive systems, allowing homeowners to control audio systems, household security programs, climate control, lighting and even irrigation from voice command or through their smartphone. These integrations are not only convenient but incredibly resource efficient. Smart home LED lights draw less energy, while automatic irrigation systems and programmable climate control systems prevent an overutilization of resources such as water and electricity respectively.

Planning ahead through Design-build practices

Whether it’s adopting a more mindful or technology-forward approach to your custom luxury home build, we can make your dream home a reality through our tried and tested Design-build process. Our Design-build projects consider every creative addition and final details throughout the home building process, allowing for a cost-effective and rewarding design, knowing every vision has been delivered with utmost satisfaction.

Crystal Coast Construction is North Carolina’s leading luxury home builder and our team can’t wait to bring your dream home to life.

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