What Is Design Build?

Design build is a process that takes you from conceptualizing your home to the day you move in. There is a great deal of decision making that goes into building a custom home, including details you might never have considered. The advantage of a design build process is we guide you every step of the way, keeping the lines of communication open and clear so that you’re completely satisfied with your custom home.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. With a design build, you’ll be able to design exactly what you want and watch as your home rises, day by day. When you step through the front door for the first time, you’ll know that you’re home.

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The Design Build Process

The best thing about design build projects is that each one is as unique as our clients. Your home design build process will be customized to your project, budget, and timelines. From there, we help you through each of the following steps to ensure the project is exactly what you expected.


Lot Selection

The enchanting waterfront stretch of Crystal Coast draws clients here, but the oceanfront terrain also provides design challenges. We help you envision what your completed home will look like and guide you to selecting a lot that matches your vision.


Architectural Plans

Some of our clients have plans already drawn up when they approach us, but we can also provide architectural plan services. We work with highly talented and qualified architects who specialize in taking a vision and creating a plan for a fresh and unique build.



We bring honesty to every estimate we prepare. We believe in providing a detail-oriented estimate for every custom home, and we never underestimate to “wow” a client with a budget that doesn’t reflect the vision of their home. It’s important to us that your estimate reflects the level of finish you require so as to minimize additional costs during the build.



Every home we build is a combination of the highest level of construction and affordability. Some builders can lose sight of the budget during the build, usually because their estimate wasn’t as transparent and detailed as it should have been. We thoughtfully plan the project to be on time and within budget.

Moving In & Fixes

We stay committed to our clients even after the build is completed. We recommend that after you move in, you spend a month evaluating your new home. Should you find any issues, we return and make things right.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the design build process. We’re ready to help build your dream home within your budget and timeline, turning your vision into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is design build?

The design build process combines all phases of home building into one project. It covers land selection, blueprint design, construction, interior decorating, and finishing touches. Design build gives you ultimate control over your custom home build.

What are the advantages of design build?

The design build process can save you time and money. Working entirely with our team means you never have to wait for the architect or contractor to get back to you; we handle everything, including the estimate, to bring you peace of mind.