Decorating Your Rental House

You’ve found that perfect spot in the best location, and now you want to rent it out when you’re not there in order to make a little extra income. When decorating a vacation rental home, you want to create an authentic local getaway experience for your guests that also meets their needs and feel comfortableHere are a few things to make your rental house the perfect spot: 

Select Neutral Colors  

You want every one of your guests to feel at home in your space. Selecting neutral colors for the walls and natural wood finishes for the furnishings will ensure that your décor appeals to the greatest number of people.  


Maximize Your Beds 

The more beds your home has, the greater the income potential. At the same time, renters are looking to maximize their vacation dollars, while still having enough beds for everyone. Put a futon or pull out couch in the living area, and always provide two full beds in a bedroom. Allowing for many different sleeping configurations depending on each party’s unique needs means that your home will always be the perfect fit.   

Texture Adds Interest 

Using a variety of textures in a common color scheme both adds visual interest and makes the space look elegant and cohesive. Select a variety of textiles, such as throw pillows, slip covers, wall hangings, and window coverings, in differing textures but common colors. 


Don’t be Personal 

You want your guest to be comfortable and feel at home. So be sure to remove any personal items such as family photos, your unique knick-knack collection, and personal toiletries and clothing. Making the space neutral allows your guests to feel as if they’re in their own private vacation space.  


Taking the time to decorate your space with vacationers in mind is worth it. It can lead to more inquiries and more rental income for you.  


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