Coastal Design Trends

Coastal homes have always been beautiful spaces that draw you to the outdoors, and all the activities that go with living on the coast. Here are some of the latest trends in home designs for coastal living: 

Bringing the Beach Home 

Residents of the coast love to be out on the beach, and coastal home designs have always incorporated that beach lifestyle into their designs. The newest trend in home design is creating spaces that make it easier for residents to do all the coastal activities they enjoy, right from home. From special garages, to house surfboards and kayaks, to dedicated spaces for rinsing off after a day at the beach, new designs are embracing the beach and making it part of the home.   

Embracing Nature 

Coastal living is all about the seamless transition between home and nature, and the latest trends in coastal design embrace that. From well-shaded outdoor pavilions or patios to features that allow rooms to transition from indoor to outdoor with ease, the latest trend is to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, allowing coastal living to embrace nature and enjoy the scenery and coastal weather both inside and outside the home.  

All About the Garden 

Gardens are being viewed more as destinations in themselves, rather than just a transitional area between home and beach. The latest trend is to design outdoor spaces and rooms that create a feeling of additional space and serenity separate from the home, while making gardens more low-maintenance and user-friendly, with smart irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plants. This allows you to make your garden its own destination while also making it easier to care for and maintain.  

Embracing some of the latest trends in coastal living can help make your dream home even more functional, from making it easier to enjoy the activities you love with ease, to making your outdoor space its own destination.   

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