About Us

Bruce Rogers established Crystal Coast Construction in early 2000 because he was passionate about providing high-quality construction in the Crystal Coast area while still maintaining transparency and trust throughout the entire process.

Bruce’s philosophy comes from years of working in construction throughout the Crystal Coast region. He started his construction career working as labor while he attended college at night. He founded Crystal Coast Construction because he saw an opportunity to start a company with a focus on educating and assisting his clients throughout the whole custom-building process.

Bruce has lived in the Crystal Coast area his entire life, and takes great pride in being part of this community. Building on the Crystal Coast comes with its own set of challenges, and Bruce has years of experience addressing those unique needs. It is one of the reasons we strive to provide a high level of customer service and quality of construction.

His wife, Kelly Rogers, shares the same outlook about working in the Crystal Coast community. As a heavily sought after interior designer, she helps Crystal Coast Construction build interior design into each of their projects. There is no need to seek a third party and be pressured to pay high interior design rates.

We carefully build each home as if it were our own personal home, because we’re building each home for a future friend and neighbor.