Janelle Lane

Luxury Home

Nestled in the scenic Emerald Isle of North Carolina, the Janelle Lane residence by Crystal Coast Construction stands as a testament to thoughtful, modern living. Designed with a forward-looking approach, this home beautifully addresses the concept of ‘aging in place,’ ensuring its residents can continue to live comfortably and independently.

The exterior of the home immediately captures attention with its calming lavender hue, while inside, a light and airy color palette enhances the spaciousness of the rooms. A touch of nature is brought indoors with the stone backsplash featured in both the kitchen and showers, grounding the home in the rugged beauty of its coastal setting.

Functionality is at the forefront of Janelle Lane’s design. The home makes use of an elevator, ensuring residents can move effortlessly between its floors. This feature, while offering convenience to all, particularly resonates with the design’s focus on aging gracefully in place. An adjacent overlook space on the third floor offers residents a serene spot to appreciate the sweeping views of the Emerald Isle, a daily reminder of the home’s stunning location.

Outdoor living hasn’t been overlooked. Decks on both the front and back provide ample opportunities for relaxation, contemplation, and enjoyment of the idyllic surroundings. Moreover, the outdoor shower offers a refreshing space to rinse off after a day on the beach, emphasizing the home’s blend of comfort and convenience.

In sum, the Janelle Lane residence is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. It’s a space that evolves with its residents, promising comfort and luxury set against the unmatched backdrop of the Emerald Isle.

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