Why Custom Homes

A custom home gives you the opportunity to design exactly what you need in a living space. When we discuss your project, we’ll take into account your personality, your family, pets, lifestyle, and other special considerations that will affect the design. The end goal is a home that perfectly suits your life and is a comfortable, welcoming place to wake up every morning.

North Carolina custom homes provide additional design challenges, which makes it smart to hire an experienced builder. Crystal Coast is one of the most picturesque areas in the county, but environmental considerations and waterfront lots require expertise. We’ve been building custom homes in the area for over 20 years, and stand by our reputation for open communication and trust with our clients.

Crystal Coast Construction specializes in helping our clients build the coastal home of their dreams, for all budgets and styles.

Luxury Homes

Wake up in your waterfront paradise with a custom luxury home. The highest-quality materials, impeccable design, thoughtful finishing details, and a stellar location distinguish a luxury home from its neighbors. Recline on your deck and gaze over the shimmering sands and azure expanse of your ocean view. The lull of the waves makes a soothing backdrop to your life.

We create your luxury home with attention to modern design trends, including smart home integration, custom entertainment and hobby spaces such as media rooms or wine cellars, and luxurious materials. The sky’s the limit with luxury homes, from saltwater pools to swim-up bars, golf greens to giant garages. Schedule a consultation with us today to start designing your ideal property.

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Retirement Homes

As you enter retirement, you may reevaluate what you need from your home. Our clients who have retired often see the need to downsize, repurpose rooms, or renovate their family home to age-in-place. As you enter this new phase of your life, consider the opportunities for either building a custom home exactly to your liking or renovating a beloved property to support you in a fresh new way.

Aging-in-place is a particular goal for many of our clients. We’re experienced in creating single-level living, creating accessibility features to enhance quality of life, and using smart home technology to create maximum comfort. We’d love the chance to discuss the potential for creating a retirement property to suit your needs.

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Vacation Homes

Imagine the freedom to get away to your oceanfront paradise whenever the desire strikes you. Stepping onto your deck and taking in the breathtaking scenery while waves crash on the beach feels like escaping to serenity.

You can stay close to home but feel like a world away in your custom vacation home. Our team understands the challenges oceanfront properties can present, and we can guide you through lot selection, home design, and the construction process. Build your oasis on the Crystal Coast with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process? How do I get started?

Our home building process starts with a consultation to discuss your goals, budget and vision for your custom home. We then work with you to come up with accurate estimates and develop a design plan that meets your needs and preferences. Once the design is finalized, we’ll obtain all necessary permits and begin construction.

Our team manages the construction process from start to finish, providing regular updates and ensuring that the project stays on track and within budget. We’ll even follow up with you a month after the build is complete and you’ve had time to live in your new custom home. To get started, simply contact us to schedule a consultation.

When’s the best time to build a custom home?

The best time to build a custom home will depend on your schedule and the availability of construction materials and labor. At Crystal Coast Construction we build homes year-round in Emerald Isle of North Carolina – reach out to us today to learn more and get started on your custom home build or major home renovation!

How long does it take to build a custom home?

The timeline for building a custom home will be unique to your home needs, such as the size, complexity and location of the property. On average, the design phase can take 2-3 months, obtaining permits may take up to 2 months and the construction process generally takes around 15 months. However, it’s important to note that these timelines are just estimates and can vary based on the unique circumstances of each project.

Can I bring my own design plans to a project?

Absolutely! Crystal Coast Construction welcomes clients who bring their own design plans to their projects. By doing so, you can actually reduce the build timeline, eliminating the 2-3 month design phase. In our initial meeting, we’ll review your plans to ensure compliance with building codes.

Our experienced team will carefully go over your plans with you to guarantee feasibility. Bring your design plans, and we’ll do our best to bring your vision to life while adhering to regulations and providing a personalized experience. Contact Crystal Coast Construction today to discuss your project.